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  • Primary Real Estate Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

    #501, Regent Chembers,
    5th Floor, Nariman point,
    Mumbai - 400 021
    Tel : (91 -22) 2285 3032
    Fax : (91 -22) 2285 4318
    Land Owners :

    Land Owners having land with clear marketable title interested in outright sale or joint venture may kindly contact us with details of the land such as location, size, buildable area, zoning, expectations etc, so as to enable us to respond to you quickly.

    Developers :

    Developers of high integrity and having the organizational set up in place, who may be interested in a financial partner may kindly contact us with brief description of the promoters, their history, track record, organization structure etc, outlining in brief the proposal you have for us. A clear picture of the financials will help us in responding to you quickly.

    Overseas Investors :

    We would be happy to work with investors who are long term , patient and disciplined investors, as that is our investment style. Kindly contact us so we can begin the dialogue with you and tell you more about ourselves, our philosophy, style etc.

    Domestic Investors :

    We are sorry we currently do not have a product for domestic investors. As and when we do, we shall contact you. In the meanwhile, kindly mail us your contact details so that we can contact you as and when we are ready.

    Consultants :

    We are open to working with consultants / intermediaries. Please contact us outlining your background and a summary of the deal you propose. Please ensure that the transaction satisfies Press note 2 oof 2005 as, currently, our investors are overseas investors coming in thru the FDI route.

    Careers :

    Those looking for a stimulating and educative career in real estate finance are welcome. However, our style is conservative, disciplined and patient, so if you are none of these, ours may not be the ideal environment for you. Please forward your resume to us outlining very clearly what you are and are not interested in.