Real Estate Advisors

Locations :

Currently we are focusing on investing the corpus in Southern India - Bangalore and Mysore and Western India - around Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Panvel and Pune.

Our approach :

  • Conservative and research based, with a focus on execution and 'exits'.
  • Leveraging on the strong established relationships with developers / builders and market participants (intermediaries, bankers, lawyers) which Ashwin has developed over his long innings in the business.

  • Long term , to treat the joint venture with the operator as 'one of many more' rather than a one off transaction.

  • To work with the highest level of integrity and transparency.

    Our research :

    We have a dedicated team doing 'on the street' research . They continuously are out on the field gathering data on market status, supply pipeline, pricing, absorption etc. That is supplemented by macro research done of the industry and the environment it operates in , i.e. interest rate cycles, liquidity, demand generators, etc. We are also aided by the Quantum team who have professionals tracking debt markets and all industries / most large corporates.

    This continous real time monitoring / tracking of locations in which we have an interest, gives us the advantage of being able to move quickly as and when we see an opportunity, or, of staying away when we spot the red flags.

    Integrity is key :

    Ashwin has learnt, by risking his own money in the past that partner selection and integrity is key. In both areas, there is no room for compromise.